"It's not about us, it's about you!"

Although we are a highly qualified and experienced team, the most important question is “What can we do for YOU?”

Business owners and professionals like you frequently tell us their Issues and Concerns.

You recognize that the majority of the financial system exists to sell you financial products. They offer you a “free retirement analysis”, but you intuitively know that nothing is ever free. You brace yourself for the sales pitch of “we can do better, just transfer your portfolio to us”.
Why does this happen? Because the financial system exists to generate fees and commissions from your money!
What you Really need is someone who truly takes the time to understand your unique situation.

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Why the Focus on YOU instead of products is superior!

Your financial freedom is an extremely important goal that we will help you achieve.
Financial Freedom is the day you only work because you want to, not because you have to, and it is so liberating!
Our conversations will place the focus on helping you get there with as much certainty as possible, and this starts with having a Great Financial Conversation.

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It’s All About Providing YOU With Clarity and Context

Let’s talk about rates of return for a second.
The worst thing anyone could do is set your expectations sky-high using high return projections, and then sell you on how many millions you will be swimming in if you just “buy our portfolio management service, mutual funds, insurance products, exempt market securities”, etc.
Instead of a plan which over-promises and under-delivers,
you will benefit most from an advisor who takes the opposite approach. Realistic expectations will help you so much more, because your surprise is supposed to be on the upside!
That’s a plan with True Integrity.

Tools and Expertise to Help YOU Realize Your Vision.

You are also wondering “Just how much money will it take?” to achieve Financial Freedom.
That is one of the first things we will show you. Are you on track, have a bit of catching up to do, or do you currently have much more than you need?
You will benefit from Context and Clarity around your life, family, and business/practice.

Your Financial Guide

Dave Wiitala

Founder & Lead Strategist – Business Owner Financial Planning

  • Dave is your “financial guide” who takes the time to listen, makes the complicated simple, and works tirelessly to ensure clients receive the highest standard of service.
  • Has been in the industry since 1993
  • Received numerous accolades for business excellence
  • Have always adhered to a client-first approach
  • Helped hundreds of professionals and business owners of all sizes, in achieving tax, retirement, financial planning and investment goals.
  • Delivered hundreds of educational live/ online presentations across the country
  • Extensive hands-on experience as VP Western Canada Business Development at Manulife Securities, RBC Dominion Securities, Regional Sales Director CIBC Renaissance Investments, Raintree Financial Solutions and more.
  • Experienced in private capital investing- farmland, REITs, Mortgage Investment Corps, oil and gas, flow-through, real estate development, mezzanine financing, royalty structures, etc

Feel free to reach out for a 30-min chat if you wish to discuss further!