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Some of the most common ways we help people like you:

reduce tax

Tax Reduction & Business Strategies

  • Salary vs Dividends. Which is best for you?
  • Is your tax return reflecting the best strategies and savings available?
  • How to choose the right CPA.
  • Do you have the correct shareholder structure in place?
  • Is your corporation exposed to liability?
  • Do you require a holdco/ family trust?
  • What is the best method to extract capital from the corporation to personal name?
  • How should your corporate investments be treated uniquely as opposed to personal savings?
  • Is your business set up properly to sell? Will you realize the capital gains exemption?
  • investment

    Securities, Real Estate & Other Investments

  • How much are you paying in fees?
  • What is your asset mix?
  • How much risk are you truly taking?
  • Is your portfolio designed to protect against a market crash?
  • What investment tools are available that you aren’t aware of?
  • Are stocks/ bonds/ real estate/ farmland/ hedge funds/ precious metals/ etfs/ portfolio management services/robo-advisors/ private equity/ options etc right for you?
  • Mortgages and Other Financing.
  • Should you use a bank, mortgage broker, other lender? Fixed or variable? 15 or 30-yr? Or should you just become your own bank?
  • retirement

    Retirement & Succession Planning

  • Establish your true financial freedom age.
  • How much income can you reliably draw, net of taxes, for life?
  • RRSPs, TFSAs, and other government plans. How much do these tools benefit you?
  • When should you be taking CPP and OAS?
  • Insurance and Living Benefits: Do you have enough? Too much? The right kind?
  • Will, Power of Attorney, Healthcare Directive- Do you have these? Do they truly protect you and reflect your intentions?
  • Should you establish an IPP (Individual Pension Plan) or RCA (Retirement Compensation Arrangement)?

  • Discovering these aspects about your situation, and implementing strategies to create ultimate financial freedom, is what we at Business Owner Retirement Planning Canada are all about!  It all starts with a good financial conversation.

    We can provide the most value to those with:
    100k+ annual income
    $1MM+ investable assets
    $2.5MM+ net worth

    Feel free to reach out for a 30-min chat if you agree.